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About Mulia Grand Manufacture

PT Mulia Grand Manufacture was incorporated in August 2015 in Boboh – Menganti. Our company specializes in corrugated fiberboard and cardboard box. We have a lot of experience producing cardboard boxes since 1994 and have produced the highest quality cardboard boxes.

To be the best cardboard box producer, our company is committed to quality, service, and customer relationships. Our state-of-the-art machine can produce cardboard boxes to meet our customer's needs at a competitive price and on-time delivery.

Our vision is to become a cardboard box company that is known for excellence through service and quality through the cooperation and welfare of all parties. Therefore, always making performance improvements and being open to innovation is our mission.

Why choose Mulia Grand Manufacture's cardboard box?

State-of-the-art Machines

make a high production capacity a reality.

Robust Cardboard Boxes

Delivering sturdy and thick cardboard boxes.

The latest testing instrument technology

Producing the best products.

Better Printing Cut Results

A neat and clean printing cut results.

The Best Cardboard Boxes Quality

Quality cardboard boxes outcome.

The Best product of corrugated fiberboard and cardboard

Just contact us at the contact listed and we will provide further services.
We will adjust the price based on the size and number of orders according to customer needs.
The raw materials we use have gone through strict quality control, so we can provide the best products.